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29.06.1909 -   Born at Bolangir


Father          -   Brushavadwaja Rath


Mother         -    Uttarabali Devi


1924             -   Death of father


1927             -   Passed Matriculation from P. R. High School, Bolangir


1931             -   Graduated from Revenshaw College, Cuttack.

                      -   Organized Adult Education Centres at Bolangir.


1932             -   Organized 'Kalinga Sahitya Parisad'- a cultural institution

                      -   Studied Law and M. A. (Economics) at Patna University.

                          (Completed I part Law and 5th year M.A.)


29.07.1933  -   Appointed as Addl. Sub Inspector of Schools.

                           Introduced making of soap, waist belt, tooth powder and pain balm etc. in schools as a part of cottage  industry   education (Handicraft).


03.04.1934  -   Promoted as Deputy Inspector of Schools. In the schools introduced sericulture, Girl Guide cadre and preparation of  models of ideal village.


1934             -   Took charge as Marketing Officer.

                          Submitted industrial Survey Report to Maharaja for development of industries in the State.


20.03.1935  -   Passed D. Ed.

1935             -   Highly praised by State Govt. for his creditable service to check cholera epidemic in the State during 1935.

                      -  Preparatory to build a museum, collected various items and images of historical value and kept in near-by schools. (Patna State Gazette)


01.04.1936  -    Appointed as Teacher in P.R. High School., Bolangir.

1933-1936-       Worked for Harijan uplift and for removal of untouchability.


23.03.1937  -     Special Certificate awarded by State Govt. for

                            i) Collection of antiquities

                            ii) Historical maps of Patna State

                            iii) Collection of old coins and

                            iv) Collection of Manuscripts exhibited in industrial and agricultural exhibi tion held at Bolangir.

                             (P.S. Gazette 30.4.37 and certifi cates)


1938              -    Completed II part Law Lectures at Cuttack.


23.11.1939   -    Archaeological Dept. was created. He was appointed as Supdt. of Archaeology.

                   (P.S. Gazette Dt. 30.11.39, Notification No.29397/23.11.39, Admn. Report-1939-40)

                       -     Attended third session of  History Congress held   at   Calcutta.

                              Historical items of   Patna State received praise of   visitors  at  the Historical Exhibition there.


1940              -     Appointed member:

                             a)   Text Book Committee for M. E.,M. V., U. P.

                             b)   General War Committee and Publicity Sub-Committee                             

                             c)   Committee to report on Child-Widow and Widow remarriage and to recommend  minimum

                                    marriageable age for girls.

                       -     Archaeological museum was established under his charge.

                              (Admn. Report- 1940-41)

                       -     Sent Historical items to be exhibited at the 17th session of Indian Historical Record Commission   

                              held at Boroda.

                              (Admn.    Report- 1940-41)

                       -      Archaeological survey work carried on in four villages. Discovered traces of an old town on the bank

                              of Under.

                              (Admn.  Report- 1940-41)


1941              -      Presided over Annual Conference of Gangadhar Sahitya Parisad (History Section) at Sambalpur.

                              (Patana Dipika-27.02.1941)

                       -      Organised All India Cultural Unity Conference, presided over byDr. Bhandarkar at Bolangir.

                       -      Discovered  images of  Ganesh and Wrestler and Axes of peculiar shape at Kendumundi. (Admn.

                              Report- 1940-41)

                       -      Addressed on Education at the Silver jubilee celebration of P.R.High School.

                       -      Attended Annual Session I. H. C. and N. S. I. at Hyderabad. (Admn. Report- 1941-42)

                       -      Archaeological Survey Work and conservation of Temples carried on. Discovered Gajalaxmi image

                              at Kharligarh  and  other important sculpture at Ranipur-Jharial. (Admn. Report- 1941-42)

                       -     Collected Manuscripts Baijalkarika, Harishankar mahatmya and Ratanpur Ka Hawal. (Admn. Report-



1942              -     Became Member of I. H. R. C., Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal and Bihar &

                             Orissa Research  Society.

                       -     Addressed Koshal Sahitya Sammilani at Bolangir.

                             (Patana Dipika-07.05.1942)

                       -     Attended 19th Session of I.H.R.C. at Trivendram. (Admn. Report- 1942-43)

                       -     Acquired copy of Baijalkarika and Shankar Purana from Tanjor. (Admn. Report- 1942-43)

                       -     Discovered rock inscriptions of sixth century A.D. near Kharligarh, Gold coins of Ramai Deo and

                             copper plates at  Kalivana. (Patana Dipika-07.08.1942 and Admn. Report- 1941-42)

                       -     Submitted a scheme for Village Defense Force Organization.(Officer I/C Devottor Dept.-18.08.1942)


1943              -     Submitted Scheme for establishment of Rajendra College at Bolangir.

                       -     Submitted Scheme of irrigation as part of Agricultural and Economic Report.

                       -     Located remains of Forts at eight villages. (Admn. Report- 1943-44)

                       -     Submitted article to be read at All India oriental Conference (12th Session) at Banaras.

                             (Admn. Report- 1943-44)

                       -     Submitted scheme for establishment of Ayurvedic Pharmacy.


1944              -      Deputed    to Taxila for training    on   scientific    excavation from    24.10.1944   to  

                              26.02.1945    under   Dr.  M. Wheeler

                              D.G. of    Archaeology, Govt. of India. (Admn. Report- 1944-45)

                       -      On the basis of his Scheme Rajendra College was established.

                       -      One copper plate with the image of Ardhanariswara was discovered at Atgaon.

                              (Admn. Report- 1944-45)

                       -      Submitted scheme for establishment of Kalinga Historical Research Society to further cause of

                              Archaeological Research.

                              (J. K. H. R. S.)


1945             -        On the basis of his Scheme Ayurvedic pharmacy was established under his charge.

                      -        On way back from Taxila delivered lectures at Lahore Oriental Society,

                               Agra Balwant Rajput College and Allahabad University.

                               (Patana Dipika- 19.04.1945 and Admn. Report- 1944-45)

                      -        Toured extensively in connection with formation of K. H. R. S. and he was appointed as the

                               Organising Secy. on establishment of the society at Bolangir on 13.10.1945.

                      -        Requested Dr. Wheeler D.G. Archaeology for constitution of a Central Research Institute for

                               conservation of antiquities and for advancement of research work in the States of E. S. A.


1946            -         First issue of the Journal of K.H.R.S. was published under joint editorship of

                               Sri Kedarnath Mohapatra and himself.  Sri  Satya narayan Rajguru joined as  Research Scholar of

                               the Society.

                     -         Attended annual session of I. H. C. at Bankipur, Patna.

                     -         Scheme for compilation of a 'Corpus of Kalinga Inscriptions' with collaboration of various eminent

                               historians of India was approved and action initiated by the society.

                     -        Agreement with Dr. A. B. Mohanty to revive Prachi Samiti under the auspices of the society

                               was made.

                     -         Became President of Harijan Temple Entry Committee.

                     -         Functioned as a MLA of Patna State Assembly.


1947            -         Publication of Journal (Quarterly) of the K.H.R.S. continued.

                     -         Appointed as Dy. Magistrate and Dy. Collector w.e.f 20.11.1947.


1948            -         Wrote to Sri H.K.Mahatab, Prime Minister, strongly protesting against closing of the

                               Archaeological Department of  Patna, Kalahandi and Mayurbhanj after integration of states and

                               suggested for creation of Provincial Research Department.

                     -         Became member of syndicate and academic council of Utkal University.

                     -         He was a member of the board of editor for the souvenir published in connection with the first

                               convocation of the Utkal University.

                     -         Being specially invited attended the survey work undertaken by the Archaeological Survey

                               Department of Govt. of India

                               at  Sishupalgarh. Delivered a lecturer there on 18.05.1948.


1949            -         On 07.01.1949 submitted a Scheme to Dr. H. K.Mahatab suggesting for the formation of a

                               Research Institute of Orissa.

11.01.1949  -        Govt. declares taking over of K. H. R. S.

17.01.1949  -        Resigned from the post of Superintendent of Archaeology and started legal practice as a lawyer in


16.09.1949  -        Govt. of Orissa revoked take over decision but declined to give financial assistance to the

                               Kalinga  Historical Research Society.


April 1950    -        Nominated as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Orissa Research Society.

                      -        Joined active politics and was a founder organizer of the new political party “Ganatantra parishad”

                               and was its first  General Secretary (29.03.1950)

                      -        Resigned from the post of General Secretary in July 1950.

                      -        Suffered acutely from Myeloid Leukemia (Blood Cancer) and was under regular X-ray therapy at

                               Calcutta and Cuttack.


08.06.1952  -         Expired at the age of 43.